A tale according to oral tradition written down by the Calida Sisters.


The written book changes our world. Knowledge can be stored unchanged over long terms. But in the same time stories told mouth-to-mouth over centuries are not told anymore and got lost.
We want to ensure that this valuable ancient knowledge will not be lost for further generation with this collection of myth and tales.

Jaka und Wilhelma Calida

Once upon a time …

there was a farmer. His wife gave birth to a girl and the child got the name Enchanta from her parents. She was like the shine of the sun, sensible and hard working. In school her teacher found soon that there were powerful magic talents slumbered in her. But since his own arcane capability was at least lousy and he hated women he never told anybody about and prohibited the girl to try and sharpen her talent.

In her ninth year the mother of the girl died and within a year her father married again. Her stepmother brought 3 beloved sons with her. The boys got privileged in every case. Enchanta was treated as the lowest ancilla only and had to serve her stepbrothers all the day long. All three boys showed magic talents and the teacher offered to train them if the girl would stayed away from school.

One of these days the stepmother said to Enchanta: ‘You are old enough to learn the real important things of live. You have to know how to cook, wash, sew and farm. There is a lot to do and no more time to put your nose in useless books anymore.’

Enchanta was sad since the book had shown her a free and open world. But without the money she had no right to go to school.

Years came and gone and the nice girl became a young women, nobody took care about. Her simple grey coats were always dirty, no matter how much she tried to put them in order.

The days where she had to tie up the rooms of her brothers were rays of hope for Enchanta. She could have a look into the educational books and dive into the deep of the mysterious world of magic. Her brothers never noticed if one book was away for some days since they are more interested into other things than study. But one day her largest brother saw her browsing through one of the books he careless throw away. He got angry and clubbed her out of the room. That day Enchanta decide that never ever anybody should learn how much she understood in the books.

From time to time she tried the one or the other she read or heard. Soon she became better but without a guidance of a mage and combining snapped portions only she created extraordinary magic spells and unusual proceedings. While washing she found pieces of gems. A peace of amethyst she hided in the brush of her broom, a peace of obsidian she pressed into the handle of her basket and a piece of topaz into the foot of her spade. That way her daily tools became her wands as well.

Her fast rising skill allowed her to summon a helper after a short time. Combined out of parts taken from dead farm animals Cumunculus helped her with all work, she were able to do far away from home. Cumunculus was very ugly but Enchanta loved her being, which had carefully to hide before all eyes.

Years later her oldest stepbrother became adult and should enlisted into the magic academy. A group of mages came to examine the skill and knowledge of the boy. Her stepmother sent the young woman into the forest to collect berries all the day to be out of the way. But the mages lost their way and met her and her Cumunculus. Enchanta showed the right way but the mages recognized Cumunculus and tried to investigate him. The beast cried out of pain and the girl went in between the men and her being so stop the pain. But the mages ignored Enchanta and so she creates a tight wall in between the mages and herself and fled with her being. The mages destroyed the walls within seconds but where previously was open forest they found a tight brush. They asked a lot but nobody was able to say who the unknown mage was.

One year later another group of mages came to examine the second stepbrother. Again the men lost their way and found Enchanta and Cumunculus. Again they examined the being and didn’t stop as he beast cried out of pain. The women made a storm and the eyes of the mages filled with tears. It took a few seconds to remove the dust from the eyes but the mages found an impassable swamp that was not there before. They asked a lot but nobody was able to say who the unknown mage was. The smudgy ancilla nobody just take into consideration.

In the third year, the mages came to examine the third brother. This time they were prepared because they couldn’t forget the power of the unknown mage and so the group lost the way intentionally. Again Enchanta showed the men the way. But as the mages asked about her being she remembered the pain and tried to flee. The mages tried to freeze her but she broke the mana structure. Finally she passed a portal with Cumunculus, As the mages followed there was another portal again and again. After the seventh step they were back at the origin and couldn’t say where they lost the women.

All what the mages from the academy had was a basket; the foreign mage lost during the fight. They had seen how Enchanta used the handle as wand. It was found that a tiny splint of a sapphire was hidden in the handle and that it needs an extraordinary talent to use the handle accordingly. The studied mages decide to find the young mage with all means.

There is no secret that it took 3 month to identify Enchanta but mages know tricks, a normal person hardly can imagine. But this is another story.

To invite Enchanta to study and teach at the academy the Archmage himself came with seven famous professors. The women became his personal assistant and might have taken his position years later. But she loved the freedom of the forest in the same way as the silence of the library and stayed independent.

Cumunculus lived thoroughly happy until the end of his live at the academy. The novices loved him since he willingly helped to carry the water and wash clothes, the young mages since he knew where to find each book and gladly went to pick it up and the old mages because nobody else was able to polish the old beloved wands like he.