The Singing Well

A tale according to oral tradition written down by the Calida sisters.


The written book changes our world. Knowledge can be stored unchanged over long terms. But in the same time stories told mouth-to-mouth over centuries are not told anymore and got lost.

 We want to ensure that this valuable ancient knowledge will not be lost for further generation with this collection of myth and tales.

 Jaka und Wilhelma Calida

Once upon a time

as the mountains were higher, the ocean deeper and the forest more impenetrable there lived a dwarves girl in the mountain.

She was handy, hard-working and delighted her parents with her laughing once they returned from the mine loaded with coal and ore after a long working day.She never left the house without her shiny copper helmet and everybody called her Little Copperhead.

Following the valley to the plains one reach after some time a small foothill from the mountain. At the pass over there was a small but valuable mine owned by her grandpa.

He found one day ice and could deliver fresh ice for every brewery all the year. Even in the hottest summer days beer never got warm these days but this is another story.

On day grandfather became sick and Little Copperhead were send by her mother with a pot chicken soup, a bottle of the strongest dwarves beer and a loan of fresh bread to the house of the grandfather.

Her mother enjoined Little Copperhead to stay on the way and take care before an evil orc who was seen by some of the travelling merchants near the road recently.

Little Copperhead promised to be obedient and set out for her way in the morning. She jested with the guards at the gate, waved to the farmers on the fields and friendly greeted the fruit farmers during their harvest.

At the edge of forest full of flowers she met an old grumpy lumberjack. He chopped a tree with an old war axe. She sheered him and told him about her quest. The lumberjack said there grew currently much more beautiful flowers in the forest.

Little Copperhead collected a bunch of flowers for grandfather. She even walked some steps into the forest but never became out of view of the busy road. Within half an hour she continued her way, her arm full of the most colorful flowers.

The old lumberjack instead was vanished meanwhile. He was nobody else than evil orc who consumed a conversion potion to waylay travelers.

The evil orc hurried on ahead and throw the old dwarf in the well without further ado. Then he emptied a bottle of another conversion potion and laid into grandfather's bed.

He cleared the lights and closed the shutters because his real nature would have been seen for everybody in light immediately.

Shortly after Little Copperhead arrived and wondered about the extinguished candles.

'Grandpa, should I illuminate the house, shouldn't I?' Little Copperhead asked.

'No but shut the door!' grumpily answered the invisible evil orc.

'You sound really ill grandpa. I can fill in a mug for you can't I?' says Little Copperhead and went to the bed.

'I'm not thirsty!' muttered the evil orc below the blanket.

'But you wear your night cap absolutely unusual grandpa, didn't you?' wonderingly asked Little Copperhead since the evil orc had thrown the night cap over his eyes not to get recognized.

The girl hunkered over the bed and at the very same time the effect of the conversion potion ended.

The supposed dwarf became longer and longer and broke the bed into pieces, the huge beard became slobbering fangs and the blanket was pushed away.

Even before Little Copperhead realized what happened she lay gagged and tied like a pocket in a corner of the room.

'I'll get a good price at the slave market for you. This night nobody will identify what valuable load I carry away.' Happily whispers the evil orc. He took then girls bag, ate the food and drunk the beer which she brought for her grandfather.

Meanwhile grandfather in the well regained consciousness where he was because he dug that well by himself. Unfortunately he could not climb out of the well since the wall was smoothed and polished as fine as a dwarf can work only.

But he could shout. And so he ranted and raved like a dwarf only can rant and rave.

A passerby merchant listen the voice but thought the well was cursed. He took a way around the settlement holding as much distance as possible.

A farmer wanted to feed his just bought cow at the well but pulled the dumbfounded animal away once he hear the voices out of the well.

For some hours some more people were scared away but even the most eloquent dwarf does not know swearwords and curses forever. So grandfather begun singing miner's songs and such songs dwarves know even more than swearwords.

In the late afternoon short before sundown the detached watch came from the town. The men and women wanted to celebrate the end of the work by drinking some beer in a nearby Inn.

There were a few dwarves in the watch as well and the rough voice out of the well sounded like a sweet lovely song to them.

Therefor they decided to drink some water from that wonderful singing well. You may imagine how big was the surprise as they pulled an dwarf instead of a bucket of cold water out of the well.

Their astonishment rose again once they opened the door to the house. The evil orc was going to flee with his dithering prize.

Soon he was overwhelmed by the guards. Little Copperhead got rescued and there are multiple reports of what happened to the evil orc.

One can be sure the guards guided Little Copperhead home and celebrated a huge victory party in the Inn that night.

It is told they were heard all allover in the town.

Nobody knows how the evil orc ended. It is said that he sneaks around to this day.