Creating a Vast Land

I connected the main land map to the game. Where I had before maps with 100 m x 100 m, alone the main land map has now 2 km x 2 km.

Therefor I started with detailed design of some parts. Mainly I build the parts of the main town and shaped the island right in the main town bay.

And I tweaked the vegetation creation by drawing a partially main land vegetation map, adding trees and vegetation seed rules. Currently there are 18 vegetation items, 11 vegetation areas and 56 seed rules.


Testing Vegetation

A full day in Anega takes 8 hours and 15 minutes in real life.

This is the result of a vegetation test over one day with a vegetation cycle 100 times faster than planned. So herbs and trees grow and die much faster.

 Minor extensions

  • Screenshot and Webcam
    Player can take the current picture simply by a key and GM can even start a webcam capture procedure what takes every x seconds a new picture.That way I was able to make a movie about the growing vegetation as well.
  • Goto and use/pick for items is now available from context menu and stationary UI.

Minor fixes

  • Time Adaptation
    To test light settings I adapted the strange way of moving the time for test purposes. It seems a maniac has created the old solution. Sad to say it was me and I cannot follow up why I did it that strange way.
  • Correcting zero settings for all terrains.
  • White fog at night if one has night vision became dark.
  • Replacing some printf commands by the LogFile class and improve the related messages.

What Comes Next?

That’s a good question

I have a number of possibilities, each promising. In every case I’d need new models as well.

  • Build a mine and dungeon
  • Build the trader and worker district in the Main Town.
  • Create rocks and shape the Main Town castle.
  • Extend vegetation items and introduce LOD to existing items reduce load.
  • Create weapons such as daggers and maces.

We will see, what attracted me most in two weeks.