Still the 3rd Day

Control the Grow

Creating herbs is not enough. Vegetation is a bunch of different plants in an area that got seeded, grows and dies. And exact that is, what I did over the last two weeks. There were a bunch of issues such as

  • counting larger plants multiple times,
  • use random in the right direction,
  • use one model for multiple plants,
  • … .

Let's say it was kind of like a kangaroo development. Always hopping between multiple issues in one session.

I think the functions are so far ready that one can plant a larger area. This means I am going to the real map next.


For some time (month) the separation of functionality into server and client was taken into consideration but not really tested. I always run it as server and client in one.

You know, thinking and doing right are sometimes two pairs of shoes. So a lot had to be tested and some corrected. In fact, I can't remember all of the problems that were often solved simply by switching between server and client calls. For example the calculation of change was done on the wrong side and the player wouldn’t get any.

Not everything could be done immediately, walking backwards, for example, looks questionable again.

Sad to say the tests were expensive since there was always a complete server and client build. And one cannot debug direct in the Unity c# scripts so printf debug is the only way.

Minor extensions:

Changed organization of portals and resurrection spawns

The storage has to be moved into the respective area and couldn’t be fond that easily anymore. But finally it became simpler and two rather large classes were removed.

Vegetation Reports

To keep an overview about vegetation items that easily can have dozens of parameter each a clear report about the settings was necessary.
Since the vegetation grows automatically, the result has to be reported. Otherwise you may miss if a special herb was never seeded.

 Minor fixes:

  • Random character was always a beggar.
  •  Character in character selection rotate like a fan.
  • Major buttons in character selections were way too small.

What Comes Next?

  • Introduce main map
  • Extended vegetation rules
  • More vegetation items
  • Make a new movie