The Third Day

Herbs, Roots, Leafs and Berries

What happened on the third day? True, in addition to land and sea, God created 390,000 different plants. I am not that fast and it took me 2 weeks for 6 plants and the associated controls so I have now 8 herbs with 17 different roots, seeds, fruits and leafs. I would be finished in 2600 years already.

Although, in contrast to him, I also supplied documentation. In contrast, mankind doesn't even know how many different types of plants there are.

This is a small test with all available herbs growing in an extreme compressed time frame.

Save and Load

The vegetation, which includes all ore veins and other collecting stations for raw material, are now saved cyclically and loaded at the start.

The landscape in the development server looks really barren, without trees and plants. Because all of that will be dynamic. The GM can already plant and destroy, the prerequisites for dynamic planting are now in place.

Minor extensions

Influence of luck in gathering. More items, higher chance for special findings.

Minor fixes:

The gathering procedure was adapted in a number of points. For example, you can get more items in one cycle now (7 pieces of grain at once in 3.2s cycle) One can call it fixing or optimization.

What Comes Next?

  • Some trees and bushes
  • Vegetation control – create vegetation automatically