Avoid Doomsday

Doomsday in 2038

Have you ever heard about the 2038 bug?

Yes the 2038-01-14 03:14:07 is the last valid second if you use the UNIX epoc seconds since 1970-01-01 with int32. Since Unity doesn’t synchronize DateTime or Long I was stuck with an int32 and forced the base to be 50 years later. That way I could avoid doomsday until 2088.

If it’s working eventually, it’s time to redo it

I made a gathering source item based on the need of mining. It was an on/off structure with the states of resource available / not available. During the night after I had it successfully tested eventually I thought that a more complex system with more phases would be nicer and could also be used for trees, fish and herbs. So I turned the whole thing upside down.

Now I can build a sequence for a gathering element like this:

Phase Time until next phase Phase after time out Resources Phase when depleted
young about 4 days bloomy about 3 leafs dies
bloomy about 5 days ripe nothing n.a.
ripe about 1 day old about 4 berries 60% dies
40% old
old about 3 days dies about 1 root dies

Imagine, it is now possible to build a mine that is slowly running out. On the other hand, disappearing blocking items can give access to new, rich veins.

Threeleaf and Glowmoss

Having a nice gathering system requires an appropriate graphics. So I build the Threeleaf as my first herb.

Right after I made Glowmoss, a glowing moss with one of the most useless resources. What can one use a rare piece of moss for, that glows green for a longer time once it was squeezed? It shall not be used in potions or food so RP remains. But I’m sure player will find role play applications such as party illuminations or following a vanguard. I should make the glow moss in different colors.

Minor fixes:

Walk backward: The character doesn’t hover backward anymore. It really moves the legs.

What Comes Next?

Some herbs and weeds.

Save and load current vegetation for server restart.