Leaving the Barber Shop

Hair and Beard

The new made and external hair and bear styles are fully integrated into the game now. This includes the hat clipping, or better the avoiding of hat clipping.

In total there are 16 female hair styles, 16 male hair styles and 11 beard styles (male only ;-)). Of course, not every style is also available for every race.

Protection for the Strong

It is now possible to carry your own door with you. There are different shields available. Included is also this tower shield, derived from a town gate. It will also get some properties like a town gate. The weight might be a fitting property while the protection should not be as high as a gate.

Pull a String

Adding some more animations seems to create a number of additional tasks.  I found a proper MoCap for a pickaxe and another for the fell axe. But the pickaxe graphic was behind the current possible quality, a fell axe not even exists. So I create some tools (pickaxe, fell axe, herb cutter, hammer). Sad to say, there are no resources for so I need more. And the gathering function was made for mining but needs a couple of changes for herb gathering and woodcutting. Have I mentioned there are no graphics for wooden raw materials, plants and herbs?

Minor extensions

The NPC merchant organization tool has been finished. There is still a lot of work to do to organize who does what, but you can at least keep an overview.

Minor fixes

Some minor stumbling code parts in different organization tools have been removed, buttons got a tooltip, log texts where improved.

What Comes Next?

  • Extend gathering to woodcutting and herb gathering
  • Implement more animation