Hair does not grow faster by being drawn

I shouldn't trouble my head about hair, the last two weeks I did nothing else.

All haircuts were refurbished and some new added. They were adapted to the female head as well.

The short haircut tends to become the most difficult. It consists of 132 meshes, each carefully adapted to the head and coordinated with the surrounding ones. No wonder I was busy doing it for several days for the male only. Adapting it to the female head takes another day..

Eventually I have the following haircuts:

  • Shaved head
  • Orc braid
  • Orc braid with 3 braids
  • Mohawk
  • Short Hair
  • Medium Hair
  • Shoulder Long Hair
  • Ponytail

Additional there will be a number of haircuts from other sources as well.

P.S. About the headline: The Russian proverb goes “by being pulled” but ad the headline is now it met the current situation very well.


What Comes Next?