Apprentice hairdresser

Studying lot of tutorials and running some tests I figured how to make hair eventually. I haven’t count the dead ends in this maze but once again UMA saved the day.

I had to kick the idea of making hair as low poly objects. A whole head full of hair will need around 1000 to 3000 triangles. In principle, hair in the model consists of many surfaces, some of which are laid on top of each other. The underlying scalp must also be colored. Otherwise, hair looks more like a swimming cap.

The first attempts that can be called usable are certainly not the best. Still, you have to start with something. Sad to say a single haircut takes more than a working day.

We already have:

  • Male tonsure
  • Male mustache
  • Male medium hair
  • Male long hair
  • Male orc braid

Additionally we can use some of the hairs I studied on my research.

Swords for the world

The current set of swords is published in Unity’s asset store as well.

I had some more ideas for handles as well blades. Some pirate sabre, a rapier or a katana like sword would be great. So I started creation of 6 more handles and blades. These will be added to that asset once available. . The fine sculpting and texturing has to be done yet.

Minor extensions

Again and again I had problems to lay textures softly on top of each other. It was precisely the drawing of the texture on the scalp that caused hair to tear out. Expensive image processing programs may offer solutions, but I wrote a CombinePictures tool myself.

Minor fixes:

You may have noticed it already. Some outdated parts of the web page have been updated.

What Comes Next?

Still apprentice hairdresser

Did I mention that my chemo robbed me of all my hair? Well not all, in Anega I still have hair to take care for. And I want to do a few more.