Be Careful, there Might be Orcs

Pain killer are made to kill pain. The good news is they do so. The bad news is they kill with almost the same efficiency the motivation to work. Since I needed a lot over the last two weeks the output was rather limited.

108 swords

I build a set of modular swords with 6 different blades and 6 different handles. For each blade and handle there are three different textures. In the end, this makes 108 believable and another 216 rather strange combinations. This is sufficient to make as many swords as I need for Anega.


The fourth possible player race has been added. Orcs looks huge, wide, have a round face and of course fangs. And if you expect anything different, no they have a rather greenish skin color.

Incidentally, there are now 56 different possible skin tones, of which just three from all four races can be used. But honestly, have you ever seen a green dwarf? They don't even go green after looting all of the city's breweries.


The last few days I struggled with hairs. Having only one possible haircut is quite disappointing but finding a way to build low poly hairs poses a real challenge. Much too many state low poly and hair does not go together. So the tasks for the next few days or weeks were set.

Minor fixes:

A character doesn’t stab himself with his sword while running. The according animation was adapted.

All current warnings removed, external code adapted by using #pragma statements.

Simplified code from uMMORPG I’m using by removing a huge number of empty function calls every frame (if function() {}). That will not lead to huge load reduction but every µs count.

What Comes Next?

  • Hairs and beards, just as stated above
  • Toolset (hammer, hatchet, pickaxe, saw, carving knives etc.)