Seven Dwarfs One Elfess and one Evil Witch Walking in the Forest

All right, that’s not the content, but I like that kind of old and modern fantasy better known as fairy tales. And at least it’s possible to play in Anega.


There are now multiple races:

  • Human
  • Dwarf
  • Elf

I just took normal people and adjusted some of the looks. Dwarfs are smaller, broader and have a rather round face with large protruding ears. Elves are taller, slimmer, have a rather elongated face and pointed ears.

All races also have different ratios in arm and leg length and in the ratio of lower to upper arm.

The same races as players can be used for NPCs and monster.


I also started with the animations.

Before I touched the game animations, I studied tutorials and programmed experiments for a few days.

The animators used were created from scratch. An animator is a controllable compilation of different animations. Animations are mostly clips from motion capture recordings. The first results look promising.

  • NPCs use various idle clips while waiting for interactions.
  • Monsters (fighting NPCs) can stand, walk, run, fight and die.
  • Players can already stand, walk, run, use different weapons or tools and die.

The player animations in particular have to be improved and further weapons and tools added.

Asset Store

I also passed the UNITY quality control on the second try. The first time I missed some HTML statements in the advertising text. The wardrobe, I worked for over the last few months is now available in the UMA Asset store:!/content/159469

Project Organization

Since the necessary tasks have to be organized anyhow, I choose Trello and build boards and fill in the open tasks. I’m quite sure that will become larger over time.

Minor extensions

Item Editor extended with ToolTip texts.

Minor fixes:

The new (2019) Unity only allows limited use of terrains above or below the main terrain. The heights can then practically no longer be modeled and characters sink a little into the ground or hover slightly above it.

So I moved the GM island, originally positioned at height -1000, to height 0. It took me almost a whole day to find the cause of the issues.

Some issues that led to warnings have been fixed. In some cases the code was improved, in others the warnings in the code were switched off as unnecessary. The total number of warnings was reduced by around 100. Anega is currently running without warnings and errors. However, there are still a number of compiler warnings. Where this directly affects Anega code, there is still a lot to do. Unfortunately, even with Unity-based code, there are warnings that cannot be turned off.

What Comes Next?

In the next few days I will consolidate the results achieved so far.

  • The characters need some hair and beard styles,
  • The animations must be expanded with additional weapons and tools.
  • A tool is required to configure NPC trading.
  • Tools and weapons must not penetrate the wearer's body when running.

In the longer term:

Exchange of the old uMMORPG test area by the first Anega area. That means I also need dynamic vegetation and the mana field.

Once the system for setting up signposts and the adventurer stone system are available, one could start thinking about an initial public test phase.

I think I should be ready by the middle of the year.