Create a Fat Bulky Character

Or you want to be a slim muscular one? This is your decision, the good news are, the game permits either.

As you can see, I renovated the character creation process. UMA allowed in huge range to personalize the appearance of a character. There are height, muscles, fat, breast size, gluteus size, waist, skin color, hair and beard type and color and many more.

I even added a second race (dwarfs) using an adapted range of all the character parameter. The dwarf compared to a human for example is smaller, more bulky, has a rather round face and jug ears.

Before I rebuild the character creation, the wardrobe item creation had to be solved. Except to some delay issues what cause from time to time for 0.05s a visible base character the moment, the item is laid to the ground the whole system works as expected.

There are already about 20 different pieces of wardrobe and armor.

Minor extensions

  • To have better view to the character to select, I added a slow rotation. Maybe you can remember how your character looked like better from behind since this is your standard view.
  • NPC can now buy everything they sell, if it is parameterized. That way you need to create only one list. Be aware this list might be really long and it may become a tough task to keep sell and buy list aligned.
  • The GM isle got some special development items. For example a green screen box to take pictures of items with a transparent background.

Minor fixes:

  • Adjust the character creation camera.
  • Correct the lightning settings for reflection. This was erroneous and as a result all metallic items looked pitch black since they had no light to reflect. Figure that out it took me almost a whole day. It has still room for improvement but will do for now.
    I would still ponder this if I hadn't had the help of several people from different chats.

What Comes Next?

  • Change the default character in a way it can have elven ears and an orc set of teeth.
  • Apply UMA character for NPC.
  • Build a player and NPC animation. This looks like a huge package for me since I need more than the usual walk, idle, run animator. And I’m not skilled in that direction. Eventually there must be swordfight, daggerstrike, pickaxe, grab herbs etc.