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Unfortunately, the ongoing 4-fold chemotherapy completely put me out of action for almost a week. So the progress is rather homeopathic.

Now I have enough clothes for the characters. The entire wardrobe was placed as an asset in Unity's AssetStore. Let's see if anyone is interested. As an advertisement I also made two short videos:

So far I have no answer as to whether the asset will be accepted by Unity yet.

The combination of Anega with UMA is more difficult than expected. Since UMA characters are not available at the moment of their initialization but only a few cycles later, I had to use a few tricks so that a new character was also visibly wearing it’s garment.

Using an UMA wardrobe recipe for independent items on ground proves to become difficult as well. I could build for every piece an independent stationary model but that’s sounds like a lot of work on the long run. So I have to find a way to build the stationary model out of the recipe on the fly.


The new default sets. This are wardrobe sets from the UMA fantasy garment development, I did over the last month. As you ca see it is used in Anega so some steps are done already. But a number of issues I have to solve yet.

Minor extensions

  • Upgrade the main game to Unity 2019.1.14

Minor fixes:

  • Remove error if player has poor reading skill and the text is of medium size.
  • Prepare equipment camera for removal.

What Comes Next?

Find a way to create wardrobe items not connected to a character (e.g. lay your gloves on the ground).

Initialize the appearance (hair, beard, height, muscles, belly, breast, skin and hair color) of an character using UMA DNA.