Rebuild Female Shoes and some more


According to different statistics, women have more shoes as men.

And so I rebuild the boots and shoes for male and female to have a literally endless amount of footwear available.

But redesigning female shoes from scratch had nothing to do with the statistics but the fact, I made a mistake earlier so the female shoes were not mirrored. And if any men want to become the shoe richest person in game, that’s no problem. Every piece of garment including shoes exists for male and female character.

Beside the robes exists dresses now as well. But a men in wearing a dress looks strange however.


Minor fixes:

Rebuild female shoes (previous were not mirrored).

Make foot protection for boots available for shoes too

What Comes Next?

The whole garment package shall become a Unity asset. Preparation and provision will be next.

And then I’ll try to integrate UMA into the main game.

Personally I hope the cancer can be pushed back by the ongoing extremely hard chemo therapy for a while.