Advent Riddle

For over 10 years I create advent riddles for orienteering. The same technology I used for my favorite game from time to time. And now my favorite game is Anega. But it’s tricky since there is no map or playable still. But I have already 2x83 pieces of garment made for Unity UMA with Blender. And so I found a way:

The development of garment using Blender and UMA went on. This time I don’t create a lot of new items but apply some experience to existing garments. Trousers, shirts, hauberks, gloves and robes are using colorless (grey) fabric now and can be colored in any color wanted. Consequently the number of possible combination becomes almost endless.

During the revision and extension of the gloves, I introduced colorless leather. Now the number of possible gloves goes through the roof as well.

Some special designs for pants and gloves have been deleted and replaced with additional elements for the standard clothing. This considerably increases the number of possible combinations.

On the other hand, I could add a few little things like a bag or a pouch to trousers.

Therefore, the total numbers do not rise so much and in some cases even decrease. But all the possibilities for clothes went through the roof. For example, for the Christmas calendar, I've just rebuilt 12 of 24 parts from available primitives.

Currently available:

  • 165 x 2 overlays (texture sets)
  • 55 x 2 slots (basic low poly forms)
  • 93 * 2 recipes (pieces of garment ready to wear)

Minor extensions

The MeshHide organization was extended by a documentation part. Now I create a DokuWiki page with all available pieces of garment direct from the game.

This includes some error checker as well. Missing pieces and inconsistent male/female settings are reported.

Minor fixes:

The error checker findings were applied. About 40 files were renamed or relocated.

What Comes Next?

The latest news about my tumor is not very good. Therefore, I am currently lacking the belief that it still makes sense to work on the overall game.

So I'll just round off the existing UMA parts first. So shoes, boots and dresses are next.