Sombreros Only?

When I wanted to make hats, I thought it would be possible to make them so big that all hair is covered by them.

One does not even believe how voluminous hair really is. The hats looked like oversized sombreros. So I prefer to have some of the hair disappear when putting on a hat. This is more work, but it looks better.

Added garments:

  • 3 different hats with decorations
  • Modular steel boots with parts that can be used with any shoe or boot

In total there are now 52 different basic designs (meshs) and 86 detailed designs (normal maps) and 120 textures at the moment. 87 pieces of garment are prepared. Every single item is available for male and female character.

At least one day I have spent writing documentation about the garments and the possible combinations.

Last week I met some other Blender user in the Nuremberg Blender User Group (nuremBUG). The logo is the Blender logo, represented by three Nuremberg sausages in a roll (3 im Weggla). That’s a great idea.

And I was very surprised that my approach is apparently not much to be improved. But I've learned some tricks that improve the quality of the model and the speed of work.


Minor extensions

From a conversation with UMA gurus I learned that it does not matter from the point of view of the processor load, how many texture overlays are used to create the final texture. The whole texture is calculated only once when called. This means that virtually any number of elements can be superimposed. I've already started customizing some of the designs.

Some linen garment was reworked and prepared for independent coloration. This increases the number of possible garments dramatically.

  • Knickerbocker
  • Trousers: belt; laced and gaiters
  • Shirts: button up, laced and patches

I build a small tool what allows me to replace all textures with another resolution up to the design value 2048x2048. That’s quite helpful since I have already 671 texture files. So one day I could show all garment in the best possible texture resolution even if it might not be used in the game due to size issues.


What Comes Next?

Application dyeable and combinable textures to more fabric garment.

Some real dresses and prepare to provide the package in the Unity Asset Store.

Then Back to the game and apply the items.