Nothing New Except More Garment

There is nothing really new. I will have to work on the last missing basic garments for some time.

Added garments:

  • Modular body armor
  • Modular leg armor
  • Robe with belt, rope and/or scapular

In total there are now 45 different basic designs (meshs) and 59 detailed designs (normal maps) and 89 textures at the moment. 75 pieces of garment are prepared. Every single item is available for male and female character.

Minor extensions

I build a camera controller and a help screen for the UMA test project. It’s now easier to check the garments.

There is now a new terrain texture that is supposed to represent split. I now know how to create my own terrain textures.

Minor fixes:

The basic dress what is used for robes as well has been rebuilt to reduce the clipping effects. It’s still not perfect but acceptable now.

What Comes Next?

Modular armored boots and gloves
Some dress and more robes