Modular Armory

As first modular armor piece I made helmets in a modular approach. There are a number of basic items that can be used together with extensions like a nose or neck protection. For these limited number of elements with very few polygons I have a set of coordinated textures. Now it becomes easy to create out of just a few basic items with a limited number of textures a huge amount of different items.

For example for the helmet I have only 8 different basic items with together 19 texture sets. At the end I can create 144 different helmets if I take coordinated textures only. With each new basic item (e.g. a face grid, a crest or a new base helmet) the total number rise exponentially.

Second was the body armor. It based on a gambeson or a chainmail that can be extended with breastplates, cuirass, arm pipe, half arm pipe, pauldron and some more elements. I haven’t calculated the number of possible combinations. This is far over 100 so enough to build a set of armory with different properties.

Sad to say with the advanced design features, the numerical effectivity decreases. I’m barely able to finish a single item for male and female per day.

Added garments:

  • A huge number of helmets
  • A huge number of body armors

In total there are 35 different basic designs (meshs) and 49(+5) detailed designs (normal maps) and 70(+3x5) colorations at the moment.


Minor fixes:

At the bottom hem of the Hauberk it came while walking to unsightly fabric movements. These have been fixed. Consequently the chainmail hauberk was recreated in new high quality.

What Comes Next?

  • Last parts of female helmet
  • Modular leg armor
  • Dress and robe without clipping