Trousers, Shirts and Directories

The chars get more and more clothes.

To organize it, I rebuilt the whole directory structure.

I was wondering if it would not be better to work with higher-resolution textures. I create all textures with 2048x2048 pixels. In the end I reduce this to 512x512. The quality is significantly better with 2048 pixel textures. However, a set of textures with 2048 pixels costs 5-10 MB while the 512's only need 0.5 to 1 MB. In the end, if you extrapolate this to perhaps 200 pieces of clothing, 1.5 GB is just a bit too much just for the clothes.

Left: Design of a shoe in Blender; Right: The same shoe in game

Left: Texture 512 x 512; Right: Texture 2048 x 2048

Added garments:

  • Miner trousers (with breach leather)
  • Trousers in different details and colors
  • Lace up shoes (black, with steel cap, two-color)
  • Dice shaker (I know the correct translation is army boots, but I think the great German Knobelbecher should be used even if native English speaker get confused)
  • Buckled and laced boots
  • Shirts in different details and colors

These are 15 new pieces, each for men and women. Since I have exchanged some of the first garments, there are now 42 x 2 pieces of clothing.

Some can be easily duplicated by replacing the standard gray with any color. So it should not be too hard to make quite a few different pants and shirts.

I started a modular approach for armor elements. I tested with a male modular helmet and got with 5 different pieces and 18 textures 86 different helmets.

Minor extensions

Utility for the MeshHide assets

MeshHide assets are responsible for ensuring that covered clothing cannot see through. It was almost impossible to keep track.

Minor fixes:

The 512 px textures derived from the original 2048 px textures are generated with a much better compression algorithm now. It reduces the amount of artifacts so the IG chars looks much better. About 40 textures had to be rebuilt.

What Comes Next?

We will spend 9 days of the next period in the mountains. The computer will stay off.

The still open issues with clipping through robes and dress has to be solved.

The modular helmet has to be created for the female character.
The modular approach has to be applied to the body and leg armor as well.

Creating clothes will go on until I have >70 basic pieces. Items with only the color changed do not count twice!. That package I plan to provide on the Unity Asset market.