Dress the People

The basic clothes are done. Even if there are a few minor issues with clipping and display under movement, the current quality should be acceptable.

Now it was time to build clothes and dress the people.

Still there is a lot to learn, especially with texturing and a proper metallic effect. Every day I find a new great function in Blender. So time will show.

Until now, there are 20 cloth items available:

  • Sturdy simple shoes
  • Soft simple shoes
  • Leather boots
  • Jackboots
  • Armored boots
  • Linen gloves
  • Leather gloves
  • Long leather gloves (gauntlet)
  • Rough fabric trousers
  • Linen fabric trousers
  • Rough fabric shirt
  • Linen fabric shirt
  • Leather trousers
  • Ornate leather shirt
  • Simple leather leg armor
  • Simple leather body armor
  • Advanced leather leg armor
  • Advanced leather body armor
  • Leather helmet
  • Chainmail helmet

Everything comes almost identical for male and female character. So in total I made 40 piece of clothing.

 What Comes Next?

Making clothes is fun. I’d like to spend another couple of days for more. But it is time to migrate from UMA test to the main game and integrate the UMA clothes into the code.