Prevent a future Nightmare

Throwing everything away once you have the first results is a well-known practice in development. This must not be bad for the overall effectivity since with the first results you can see flaws in the design very well. Such flaws may lead to a lot of issues later.

And so I did as well.

Once I had the first two sets of clothing and armor with 16 (2x8) items I deleted them and restarted. The connections where the items have to be overlapping may become and endless nightmare. Parts of lower elements clip through and narrow gaps appear. Building a hide structure for every possible combination seems very unlikely. I think about hundreds of cloth items! And so I decided to create a set of fitting base elements where the char can wear a dress over trousers in boots together with long arm gloves no matter which boots, trousers, dress or gloves it wear or not wear.

This took me one week for a male. I haven’t count the rebuilds for testing just after the move of a fey vertices mere thousands. Finally I have the following basic cloth and armor elements:

  • Shoes
  • Boots
  • Long trousers
  • Half long trousers (end at boots)
  • Shirt
  • Dress / Robe
  • Hauberk (The short black dress!)
  • Body armor (ends at long arm gloves)
  • Gloves
  • Long arm gloves
  • Helmet

Following some basic design restrictions later, everything may fit.

One major issue I couldn’t solve was the usage of trousers with dress/robe. The trousers always clink through the dress if running no matter how I organize the weight to the bones and so if the char wear a dress over long trousers with no boots, the trousers has to be hidden and the trousers at the ankle can’t be shown.


What Comes Next?

Finish female basic clothes.

Build some clothes and armor based on the basic clothes