Time to Learn Graphics


Before I switched from c# to Blender I implemented mining and got a generic gathering function.

At first I had the idea to use the existing spell (uMMORPG skill) system but it did not provide a function to calculate the work (cast) time based on tool, resource and player parameter.

Eventually I build an independent work system. I think standard fighting should be converted into this system as well. That way more skilled character could alter the attack speed or stamina can be consumed for a few fast attacks.


It was no longer avoidable. I have to deal with graphics.

After studying almost 100 different articles with various hints on character graphics, I chose Unity Multipurpose Avatar or UMA for short. That seems to me to be the most promising solution in the long term. Unfortunately, it is also time consuming to get a first result.

So far, I spent at least 4 full days of training videos and first attempts. I've been successful in the process at least once, albeit not in the right order. Now it goes to the first set of clothing for the man, simple and rugged shoes, pants and shirt.


Before I forget, there is a first video available on the Anega Role Play YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWiTnaJPXgOlK8nXnq2H41Q.

You can see:

  • Character creation using a predefined character setting
  • Character selection and start playing
  • Change equipment, throw equipment away and pick up
  • GM creates money and warp to GM Island
  • Find a NPC merchant and buy a pickaxe
  • Go to a portal and see where you can travel to
  • Find a vein with resource and mine some chunks of ore while learning
  • Equip sword and shield
  • Run into a bandit and kill her while learning
  • Unload the collected ore into a depot

Minor extensions

Create always GM character in test run
This make testing a lot easier.

Minor fixes:

  • Code cleaning around the CanUse() functions
  • Elements out of items where not always synchronized
  • Selection problem; If an item was clicked outside the maximum selection distance, it was no longer selectable.
  • Preventing a short jerk at the end of the loading screen.

What Comes Next?

First I’ll be away from Keyboard for about a week the first time for 11 month.

Then it’s time to create a first set of clothing including shoes, pants and shirts or male and female character. I need a set of primary armor and a set of weapons and shields as well.

Taking my graphic skill into consideration, it’s sufficient for 3-5 weeks of work.

Once I have that, I can adapt the game to UMA. It includes a number of topics and is another 2 week work package.

  • Character creation
  • Equipment handling
  • Visible character

Did I forgot to mention animation ?