It's all About Graphics

Killing or being killed is much less fun, if you cannot see the character and NPC acting. Until now I could do everything with the limited basic graphics from uMMORPG. But now I need another more flexible and adaptable graphic. So the current graphic representations of the game look really strange.
Eventually I was searching for about half the two week period for way to solve the issue.
It's pretty sure that I need more Blender knowledge, so I've gotten more involved with the gaphic designer.

Standard Fighting

Tweaking and testing, the standard fighting system is in place eventually.

If a character fights, a spell is used. The item defines the behavior of the used spell. We don’t need a separate spell for each piece of equipment. The object quality influences the damage of a weapon, parry effect of a parry item and protection of an armor.

Additionally a number of minor issues have been fixed.

The eventually realized function has some great and some less great effects.

It's nice to be able to implement the collection of resources like mining or making armor in the same way now.

It’s not so great I have to invest into graphics since the given uMMORPG graphics is hardly sufficient.

Item and NPC Mass Editor

Basic parameter for items and fightable NPC assets can be exported into and imported from a csv file. That way optimization is much easier.

Minor extensions

A number of extensions went along with the optimization of the fighting system

Blood shed
The amount of damage is shown in a shower of shed blood. The amount of drops depends on the damage and your own blood color differs from the color of all other character or NPC. I could hardly resist coloring the player’s blood blue.

Item Tooltip extension
The weapons and armor parameters appear in the tooltip. Of course you see not numbers but a textual description.

Loading Screen
In the first few frames of the game a number of strange effects can be seen. Overlay names changing from default to selected, the ambient light flickers until the sun is positioned, a dead loaded character dies and many more. It simply takes some frames until all condition settled. A loading screen overlay the critical period.

Minor fixes:

  • Close sub container when leaving a container depot.
  • Equip items to the right position on use in the inventory and avoid disappearance.
  • Swirly effect removed from game after end.
  • NPC trading issues with extended item names.
  • Take single item from a stack into hand in one step.


Some pictures I have as well:

What Comes Next?

Before I fully turn to graphic maybe I add mining. But then I cannot avoid creating character graphic and animation, a task that may take about 4 weeks at least for the first results.