Removed and Added - Skills

It was the first time I had the feeling, the speed of development meets my personal expectation. Maybe I’m more and more familiar with Unity and Blender now.

 Clean Up Code

There were some code elements from the basic uMMORPG that had to rework. It seems almost every scrpt has been touched.

  • ItemMall removed
  • AddOn system removed
  • Skill to spell renamed

 Money as items

Money is represented by coins (copper, silver, gold). The coins are items as well.
You cannot pay, if you do not have the necessary amount of coins with you.
Coins stored in any depot cannot be taken away, lost etc.

Removing coins from available inventory was a little bit tricky since I had to take into consideration change and multiple stacks of one coin. In total adding and removing coins are about 500 lines of code.

 Skill System

The basics of the skill system are implemented.

There are a number of different skills. The first 7 have been defined yet.

Each skill can be in a range 0-100.
Skills can be learned by a dedicated activity only. E.g. using a sword the character will learn swordplay. There are no skillpoints to distribute.
Player with more role play time learns faster than players who grind extensively. At the end player with the same active play time learn the same amount.
Limitations avoid Masters of all Trades (all skills at 100) while Jacks of all Trades (all skills at 70) are possible.
GM’s can see and change skills, player have a raw estimation of the skill level and can ‘forget’ unwanted skills.
A player can select some start skills for a new created character.

For the skill up I created my fist spell effect using the particle system, a swirly.

 Minor extensions

  • GM can create portable items and money
  • Pick all items around you

 Minor fixes:

  • Make help window larger
  • Make remaining usable elements to items (portals)
  • More stable name and health overlay, stable GM invisibility
  • GM’s look into the correct forward direction after a warp

Some pictures I have as well:

What Comes Next?

I'm not sure yet. I can choose from NPC trading, the combat system or resource gathering. Let's see what I end up doing first.