Items, items, and ... items

Items and Elements

Two weeks ago I pleaded for separate items (in inventory) and elements (free rooming). That seemed strange to me too. That's why I reworked the whole system. Now items can also be put into the world and retaken by any character.

Of course I started again with light items (torches and lamps) and bags. These are items that are particularly complex.

  • Items can be thrown; the distance depends on the weight of the item and the strength of the character
  • Items that are not in a player’s inventory rot after a certain time
  • Stacks of items in the inventory can be merged and split.
  • Bags hold the containing items also when put to ground

 Predefined Characters

Even if you can shape the desired character very detailed in the character creation, there are players who do not want to plague with such subtleties.

The same applies to the test. Here, certain characters must be created repeatedly. Therefore, there are now predefined characters such as a runaway maid, a young mercenary or an adventurer.

As an example see the description of a Runaway Maid:

The village you come from was away from world affairs. Since you could walk, you served the local nobles as girl for everything. Cleaning vegetables, weeding or emptying the pots, no work was too dirty for you.
It would certainly have continued, if not the young master of the house was after you. You were not guilty, but what does that interest the nobles? The mistress has chased you out of the yard with name and shame.
You accidentally stumbled into a port city and there was this ship. It was as good as any other.

The setting is challenging.
Although the character is dexterous and agile, she can not read and has virtually no possessions.

Your health is not exceptional, but you heal fast.
You have some mana available.

You are not very strong.

 Some minor issues

A new ability ‘hand scale’ has been introduced. It defines how good a player can estimate the weight of items. In the worst case there is nothing to see; in the best case you have even numbers. There are now in total nine abilities.

 Some bugs has been fixed or worked around such as a game wide identical rotation of player character or a displaced torch flame.


There is an interesting side effect. The number of comments ‘>>> tbd’ or ‘>>> makes no sense’ increases in sections I have not adapted yet such as trading, fighting or skill.

 What comes next?

The next steps will be cleaning and rework the design:

Remove not needed code
- ItemMall since Anega will never sell items for real money. There should never be a situation: ‘Free to play, pay to win!’
- AddOn hooks since the system is so far from original uMMORPG that it cannot be merged with newer versions of the base.

Rename skill to spell
- In fact the uMMORPG skill system is what I need for magic. These are effects the player can cast (spells). I really want the word skill for what I have in mind.