New Structure

It was time to reorganize the structure of the project. Too many elements were located in different locations but belonged together. This includes the scene structure as well as the asset directories.

So far I created a common structure and removed a lot of not necessary elements such as 2D examples, spaceship examples and other not needed elements. Now it is possible to upload the project to Git without the danger to upset the apple cart later.

Also a license model was applied. Anega will be licensed under MIT X11 with special cases for some elements.

Not to forget the program extensions:

Light items can now be handled properly. It seems a light item (torch, lantern) contains almost every cruelty that a programmer can imagine.

  • Some items can be switched off, other not.
  • The light ends after a time automatically.
  • Some destroy itself when burned out.
  • The flame looks upright, even if the item is moved back and forth.
  • The item cannot be burning in a bag.
  • Every player must see the effect of the light.

What comes next?

For the next work package I plan to implement the switch in between items and elements. An item is equipment anywhere in the inventory and related to a player. Elements rooming free in the environment. Throw an item into the landscape it becomes an element. Picking up an element it becomes an item. Combining both seems not practicable since a free rooming element has a different behaviour compared to an character bound item. For example it must be organized in different database tables, it must rot and act independent to any player.

The pictures show:

  • Static torches at the gate (an element)
  • Dynamic torch with a player (an item)
  • Comparision of a simple torch and a hand lantern

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