2 much 2 do for 2 weeks

The last package was too ambitious. GM tools, day and night and light items; that were not possible in two weeks. The teleporter system came with the GM Tools additionally and the lighting items need a dynamic environment. It would be suboptimal if a player's burning torch does not produce light in the other.

Nevertheless, I have achieved a lot.


A system of stationary teleporter exists. Using the portals requires some mana and money.

Game Master (GM) System

Player can become GM with advanced functions. The rights can be applied for 16 features separately. For example it is possible a player become a GM with the only special right to kill a single player instantly. This opens a lot of capabilities for player GM’s.

The GM features are:

  • God – There in no limitation
  • Limited number of teleports of player
  • Limited number of instant player kills
  • See advanced player information such as exact health and mana
  • GM is always recognizable as GM by player
  • See all player names
  • Can kill monster
  • Can pull monster
  • Can enter GM Island
  • Can see a list of all active players
  • Can broadcast
  • Unlimited health
  • Unlimited mana
  • Unlimited stamina
  • Can become invisible
  • Can see player attributes and abilities
  • Can change player attributes and abilities

A special GM Island exists for GM only.

Day and Night

There is now day and night. The day length as well as the twilight length varies over the year. For test purposes there is a time lapse.

Stationary light sources including holder were made with Blender:

  • Lantern
  • Torch

Player can choose the ability Night Vision. Without any Night Vision and without a torch the environment at night is simply dark.


The Doku Wiki has been significantly expanded. There is also a F1 Ingame Help.

Clean up and bug fixing

A unified UI design color and frame scheme was defined and applied.

About 10 minor bugs such as size of chat text doesn’t meet chat window were fixed.

What comes next?

  • Networkable objects (change on player action, see by all) such as dynamic light.
  • Light items in hand

The pictures show:

  • Almost no NightVision, the new light items
  • GM Island
  • GM Tools (Advanced information, advanced context menu, GM control center)
  • A nice morning

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