Items and Inventory

7 days behind expectation frown.

A month ago I started reworking the item and inventory system. 3 weeks I planned, 4 weeks I needed.

However the system works now. The following functions have been implemented:

Advanced mouse control

Left mouse click: primary control (select, primary action, go to)

Left mouse hold: following the mouse (stand, creep, normal, run)

Middle mouse: camera control

Right mouse click: context menu


15 slots can be equipped (e.g. 6 rings for 6 fingers)

The belt can contain 6 items.

One backpack can be carried.


The one inventory accessible everywhere was removed.

A more realistic approach has been implemented. The inventory is distributed into multiple containers. Only one can be carried as backpack if the weight does not exceed the characters attributes. Stationary depots contain the currently not needed items.

The total number of available slots is limited by an ability.

Road signs and information displays

An ability controls whether a character can read road signs and information displays.

Item creation in Blender

One reason why I’m behind the schedule is, I made a few items in Blender. There are coins, different bags, a depot chest, a road sign and an adventurer stone.

The next steps I’ll do:

  • Money derived from money items.
  • Day and night
  • Light sources (torches, lanterns, wands)
  • GM system

Additionally I should reorganize the structure of the assets and remove not used. And the not needed uMMORPG systems AddOn and Item Mall shall be removed.

This should be sufficient for some days until the next news.

The pictures show:

  • Context menu on right click an useable item
  • Context menu on right click another player
  • Inventory with equipment, the open backpack and one open stationary depot
  • Road sign for an illiterate character
  • Coinage

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