Overlays and Abilities

It's going on, not very fast but steady.

Again and again, any trivialities have to be done so that it can continue in the main path. For example, extra shaders were necessary for the overlays. One should not see the name when the char stands behind a house.

The following systems has been implemented since the last news:


The player can choose where it should be respawned. Any of the existing respawn points can be selected.

And the respawn points itself got  fancy swirling magic ball.


Other character are known as 'Someone' until they introduce themself or the player choose a personal name. Aditionally one can select whethe the character is hostile or friendly. Of course that also applies to chat and examination.


12 Attributes exists. The effects, nonlinear calculated, are implemented. Health, mana, stamina, weight to carry, moving speed, perception distance and luck are connected already.


Voice control (distance your voice carries) and Health Diagnosis (accuracy with which the health of others is recognized) are implemented. With a non existing ability of Health diagnosis you will see if a monster or charater is dead or alive only. The excellent capability allows you to see the exact percentage value.

Speed control

Walking and running depending on agility and available stamina. Running over a long distance your character may need some regeneration time.

Health, Mana, Stamina, Weight

Bars and backbone functionalities were implemented.

It has already achieved a lot, a very big piece is the next. The item management needs to be revised. It looks like almost everything has to be turned upside down. If a new stable version can be achieved within 3 weeks, this would be fabulous.

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