Update, Update and more Clothes

For almost half a year there are new versions for the two basic programs needed for Anega. So I decided to run the Update for Unity and Blender.

Needless to say that I regretted the action, because nothing worked at first.

But after a few days struggling with the new situation I got it running. And I’m glad about now. For example Blender 2.8 provides a number of functions that make the design of items and clothing much more efficient and allow incredible better quality. So I stayed with clothing generation for another two weeks to get a feeling for the new capabilities..

The following clothing items were added

  • Chainmail shirt
  • Chainmail hauberk
  • Armored gauntlet
  • Simple steel boots
  • Simple steel leggings
  • Simple steel armor
  • Simple steel gauntlet
  • Smith shirt with apron

Of course everything come in male and female model.

That's the look of a simple steel armor containing 5 independent garments.

Minor fixes:

In all clothing metal maps metallic and smoothness channel were to swap. In total 44 maps had to be repaired. Now the metallic effect looks much more authentic.

Most of the clipping during running for the basic cloth hauberk (or short dress) could be removed.

What Comes Next?

I will spend another 2 work blocks to do or redo clothing before I switch back to the main game.

The most critical issue will be an almost clipping free dress / robe. For the moment the basic quality of a dress is not satisfying if one take the new capabilities into consideration.