The Creation

In the beginning there was nothing but mana. Mana in unimaginable quantities as far as you can think.

This gave birth to four beings, powerful yet fragile.

  • The first was voracious and has been eating continually.
  • The second was agile and hard to grab.
  • The third was motionless all day.
  • The fourth being was invisible.

These created from mana the elements earth, water, fire and air. Using the elements they formed oceans and mountains, streams and deserts, clouds and rain, sun and stars, plants and animals, in short our world. Some say they created the world in a moment, others say they worked for eons.

But when there was little mana left, they disappeared as they came, unnoticed and unseen. They will never return, because there is no mana anymore compared to their time. The structures of the mana are said to still reflect the reverberation of their disappearance today.

But what they created lived, trees grew and rotted, mountains rose and were washed into the sea. Mortal races rose and disappeared. Some of them still find remnants, others live in the stories and many are forgotten. Once proud races passed and are barely to be found. It is said that dragons once inhabited every corner of the world. Only a few remained.


It's been a Long TimeThe Birth of the Races