The Bleagur Empire

For hundreds of years, an empire once spanned the whole world. In the capital Bleagur more people are said to have lived than they live today.

There are only a few sources about the lives of ordinary people. Some speak of a wealth that exceeds what kings call their own today. However, if one believes the reports of Ovoronim of Idus, then the poor were starving. Ovoronim complains that the only thing the farmers could sell was their children. And that they made ample use of it.

More was reported about some of the rulers.

The origins of Bleagur go back to Luyarus. As a master magician, he transformed a small town into an empire that continued to expand. First he subdued cities, no bigger than villages nowadays. It succeeded the former rivals to take one and more and more land. Anyone who understood magic sought the capital, which promised power and wealth. And many followed. Bleagur became a magnificent huge city.


Under Agandaur succeeded Bleagur to integrate the last remaining kingdoms in the Empire. His rule is considered the time of the two faces. For many years war was raging on the borders of the Empire, and three times enemy armies succeeded in advancing to the walls of Bleagur. They could be repulsed with great losses and after the fall of Wachon the time of the wars eventually was over. For many years peace and prosperity prevailed in the world.

Under Gilnelis the Empire collapsed. The tributes on Bleagur, which were necessary to feed splendor and idleness, gagged the Empire. At some point, the provinces rebelled. Within a short time, the Empire fell into countless small dominions, some no larger than a village. Bleagur could not take care of herself anymore. A civil war culminated in the blaze of Bleagur, which destroyed the entire city. The name became synonymous with everything bad. Saying someone comes from Bleagur is still a death sentence. No one spoke more about the city, so no one can say for sure anymore where Bleagur was located.


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