Jump and Stab

The teleportation spell required another character and not only NPCs. So I run a larger Client-Server test with expectable results. A number of functions, build in the last weeks didn’t work as intentioned. So I had to rework a lot of dedicated Client-Server communication.

Stab your beloved enemy

Poking around without a dagger in hand will look awkward. So I build over quite some days a set of dagger, or better 6 different blades with 2 colors (dark & bright) and 6 different handles with 3 colors (wood, leather dark, leather bright). That makes at the end 12 * 18 different daggers. And I don’t have rusty blades yet.

At the end I introduced four daggers using the stabbing skill into the game immediately:

  • Simple Dagger
  • Dark Stiletto
  • Mercenary Dagger
  • Curved Dagger

Minor extensions

  • GM selects skill from list and don’t need to know the correct skill name
  • Build Helper (one click build procedure)

Minor fixes:

  • Set foreign Health, Mana, Stamina for GM works now in Client/Server
  • I found the reason for an exception (Start issue with UMA) and removed it.
  • Issues with not correct shown short distances warps, different on each client.
  • Correct round to significant digits so it’s not shown with 1.23 E-2 but 0.0123.
  • Issues with name, displayName and itemName (further improvement necessary)

What Comes Next?

  • Blunt weapons
  • Wands
  • Area spells