Anega - A NEw GAme

One day Anega shall become an online game that provides a unique medieval fantasy environment for your own role play.

It’s a platform you can realize your own imagination, no matter if you want to play a bright paladin protecting the weak, adventuring globetrotter, scatterbrained mage, penetrant beggar or want to be famous painter.


We play together not against each other.

Play your role, your imagination is the limit.

Under Development

Anega is a game under development. The engine based on Unity.

There are a number guidlines for the design:

  • No advantage without a disadvantage anywhere else
  • Nonlinear dependencies
  • Dynamic configurable content before static design
  • Player creates content - developer creates environment

Over the last two years a lot have been done alread.

  • A LORE was created.
  • A lot of POC (proof of concept) were executed.
  • Some basic mechanics have been implementd.
  • Graphic has been created.

There is a lot to do furthermore.

Dynamic Environment

Vegetation and monster spawns will be fully dynamically.

The starting map shall not contain any predefined settlements. It’s on the player to create build villages and towns. Not maintained buildings will rot and disappear.


Based on the experience with other games there will be some limitations.

A character can’t be everything. Being Jack of all trades is possible, but not a master of all trades. A top fighter can’t be a master crafter and overpowered mage at the same time.

Nothing you reached is forever. States and skills will slowly decrease if not maintained. New and maintained characters will have the chance to become more powerful compared to rarely played character played long time ago.

Since nobody constantly want to be the victim of overpowered villain character, especially player character, pure villain character will be limited by the engine so they can be beaten eventually.

 Whoo is the Developer

For the moment Anega is a one man show.

As I had to retire early by activities from extremely high up, I needed to do something.

I played an MMORPG for many years and got involved as developer and editor of a newspaper. Unfortunately, the people in charge were not willing to use what they considered poor knowledge. By the way, the last update of this game with some content dates from May 2019. So why not make a dream come true, a game that has all the features that I prefer?

When Anega will Become a Real Game?

There is no guarantee Anega will fly one day, for the moment it’s a dream I’m working on to become reality.

There are numerous tasks to do, the only thing I can do is start, no matter how poor it will look at the beginning.

Sad to say it is always possible that the one who is responsible for my retirement will finally end everything too soon.