First it was the elves or dwarfs, humans or orcs, or at least one of the other mortal races created by gods. Gods, powerful beings, not immortal but they couldn’t be killed either. As long as they were worshiped, the gods are powerful and freely gave their gifts. But when they were forgotten, they disappeared. No one could ever tell where they came from and where they went.

Gods are neither evil nor good

Gods are beings far from our understanding. No one will ever fully understand the reasons for their behavior. Every God will have a dark and a bright side.

Gods are unique.

A god or a goddess has the power over two properties. There are no two gods who have power over the same properties.

Gods are generous and jealous.

Those who turn to them will be generously rewarded by them. But alas, a mortal chooses to turn to another god. Nobody knows if the gods do not want to hold a renegade or cannot hold. Instead, they deprive him of their gifts and punish him. For a long time, his life will become harder than it already is.


Player content

Gods shall be created on the fly by player. They will remain in the game as long as they are actively worshipped.

To create a God a player has to provide

  • A character already played for a long time as first priest.
  • A short and a long book about the new God.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the new God.
  • A character owned estate for the first temple.

It depends on the RP of the first priest how the new God is maintained.