The following principles shall be applied to any function to be developed.


The game is a platform for free role play in an open world medieval fantasy environment.

The main focus is player role plays with player.


Play together not against each other.

The imagination is the limit.


The characters are not bright heroes with unlimited powers. Every character has advantages and serious disadvantages.

Pure evil is strictly limited in time and strength.

Design Principles

The game is not about numbers. The player rarely will see numbers describing the character.

  • For example: The health is not 96%, the character simply is unharmed.

Disadvantages are not just role played and can simply be ignored. Disadvantages are anchored in the engine.

  • For example: If the character cannot read signposts, the player too cannot.

Dependencies are not linear.

  • For example, the additional damage gained through skill gain is not constant over the skill range.

Player creates content - developer creates environment

  • For example: Names for towns, mountain, roads, rivers etc. are not defined by the developer. Player can chose and even change it.

Nothing is for ever

  • Example: A character which was frequently played years ago and is played rarely now cannot be better forever compared to character which is played frequently now. Earned skills and incentives decrease when not be used.
  • Example: Any High score can be taken over by a character which is played frequently now.

Dynamic configurable content before static design

  • Example: Trees grow in the forest; the exact place is rarely defined by a developer but by an environment engine. Once cut down a forest it may look different once regrown.