There is a lot to do! Let's leave it ;-).

The development of Anega requires a huge number of different steps.

I organize the tasks with Trello. The necessary steps are in a fluid motion. Since I don’t want to maintain different project organization charts, this page contains a number of core working blocks only.

For details please see the news published every second week.

Basic Environment

  1. Purchase and study Server - Client infrastructure from Unity asset store <== Done use uMMORPG
  2. Organize directory structure for assets
  3. Organize license collection
  4. Git-hub main development environment
  5. Ticket system
  6. Test system

Game Mechanics and Content

Done or at least existing to certain degree Open or partially existing only
  1. Chat
  2. UI, Mnimap, compass, clock
  3. Character selection and creation
  4. Introduction, Naming, Examination
  5. Item management, Inventory
  6. Character movement, portals, respawn
  7. GM System & Tools
  8. Day and Night
  9. Fighting
  10. Garment graphics
  11. Race graphics
  1. Adventurer system
  2. Replace test map with real map
  3. Dynamic vegetation
  4. NPC interaction
  5. Quests (player and NPC)
  6. Factions
  7. Races
  8. Monster
  9. Crafting
  10. Item graphics
  11. Player buildings

Setup Game

  1. Setup DokuWiki
  2. Setup forum
  3. Purchase or rent server
  4. Setup server
  5. Account system
  6. Advertising campain

Systems and steps marked with DONE are working but far from perfect. It means more that there is something one can work in a first step. These systems may lack one or another feature as well.

Over the last month I improved my graphics still but these are still lacking.