The Silent Battle for the Ruby

Born as a child of miners, Lugrol Hillhart went to apprenticeship with a merchant. He learned the art of merchants from the bottom up and perfected them as an independent traveling merchant.

Gems of Power are not for sale. Countless groups were searching for the precious items. Bloody battles were struck, if one thought to be able to get one of these gems in the hand. And yet he managed to acquire two of the stones. At least he was not aware of that at the time of the purchase.

Warlords are permanently in need of money. One who could no longer pay his people sold everything that was to find in an already looted monastery to the dealer. Who could have known what a huge treasure laid beneath the blacksmith's anvil?

Having already two of each Nuvian Vendove as well as Lugrol Hillheart were at an advantage. Wiping out a third army in a hammer and anvil attack near an old temple both side realized the other must hold at least one gem of power as well.

But as the dwarfs advanced against Nuvian Vendove's elves, they retreated at the behest of Anteru. The dwarves feared an ambush and dug in. For two days the armies were motionless almost in sight of the target. In the night to the third day, the elves in the middle of no-man's land set up a table with the flags of both opponents. When the sun rose, one could see a pile of old parchments on the table.

Insults and curses were exchanged but in the end Lugrol Hillheart agreed to a meeting with Nuvian Vendove. The negotiation took the whole day. The sun was only a hand's breadth above the horizon as the two stood up under the astonished glances of the warriors of both sides and went together to the half-destroyed altar. At first there were few fearless curious, but after a short time countless elves and dwarfs surrounded the two army leaders. Incredulous astonishment spread as Nuvian Vendove put the Ruby of Power in a box in the hands of Lugrol Hillheart and proclaimed, "This gem will be handed over to the owner of Sapphire of Power if he proves to be honorable." Countless theories circulated around the camp fires that night.


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