The Battle of the Sheathed Blades

Warriors, mages and the baggage train of three different armies camped around the Bush Hill. For some days the war was over. It will be a mystery forever what initiated the event later named the Battle of the Sheathed Blades. But suddenly a huge brawl started. Within a short time everyone present was involved. The brawl last for hours. It is said at the end everybody fought against everybody at some time. But more important everybody fought together with everybody else too. The real miracle was that at no time any weapon except for some table boards and broken chair legs were used. Just fists, claws, horns, heads and limbs. An unspoken code of honor secures the wounded and the only magic used was healing.

The brawl welded the people together and over the time they glorified it as the Battle of the Sheathed Blades. A black eye became their signature and everybody who fought in the Battle of the Sheathed Blades could count on the help of other Black Eyes.

Two days later the warriors of an unknown warlord on the search for loot faced a strange enemy. A battle line out of a mix of every possible race, none of them unharmed. Black eyes, broken sheds and poorly repaired mage robes shaped the image of the opponent. They haven’t got much time to believe this enemy was easy to battle. At least nobody survived to report their mistake.


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