Nuvian Vendove was a top student and a candidate for the position of Dean of the University of the Magic Arts. Outwitted by the intrigues of far less talented magicians, he turned completely to his studies. After he  quickly found two of the stones in long-forgotten stacks of old books, he became interested in solving this myth and saving his own live.

 How could the gem wars come about?

Why did the previous owners of the Gems of Power lose them?

Where were the former owners anyway?

As Nuvian studied everything what was to be found over the gems of power, Anteru his assistant devoted herself to the careers of their owners. An idea took shape and so she got Nuvian to study the few reports of the recent battles of former owners of the gems of power.

Three different events showed the same pattern. After two owners of the gems met, they were swallowed up by the earth. Neither on the battlefield nor anywhere else they were they seen again. A short time later, one of the stone was found far from the battlefield.

Although the gems promised their owner virtually infinite power, it seems in a fight against another owner, they were deadly to both.


A New LandThe Silent Battle for the Ruby