Departure to New Shores

Almost daily any war band arrived at the Bush Hill and had to beaten back. Even when the combined forces had a huge advantage having the owner of the gems of power and using gemmed weapons and armory from a fortified position, slowly their number dwindled. The overall war turned to became uncontrollable years ago and rumors of an unbeatable force seem not to scare other warlords. Instead the situation even attracts larger and more powerful enemies on their hunt for loot and blood. Something had to happen to stop the bleeding.

Some say a book revealed the secret, other say a merchant heard it on a market or a soldier told it his friend on her last breath. But there should be an undiscovered land far in the east. Hope rose and a possible death on a journey into the nameless most people favored over the sure death on the battlefield. Not many remained who were able to board a ship and sailed straight into the nothingness of the open ocean eventually.

On the 13th day they found a vast land, to settle and the first time in years there was no need to battle raging warlords. A new live could be carved.


The Battle of the Sheathed Blades