Creating the Trinity

Hatched on a lonely beach Ikla s’Chas was on her own from the first moment. Quickly she found out that a stick was better for fending off hungry seagulls and turning them into a tasty breakfast. The perfection of her martial arts remained the content of her life and attracts other to follow her.

She found the sapphire of power with her warband by chance. Farmers from an almost forgotten valley hired the warband in despair. A dragon was going to burn everything they had grown and would be doomed to starvation. Calling a warband was a desperate move for the farmers. The warriors might take what they want but the dragon was going to burn everything.

 Luckily for the farmer honor was threatened with extinction but Ikla s’Chas colorful bunch was different. And there was an incredible price since Ikla found in the loot of the dragon the sapphire of power.

Ikla’s Chas warband roamed the countryside for some time. More and more the presence of a gem of power attracts grudger and adventurer.

One day when they pitched a fortified camp on a small mountain called Bush Hill, heralds from Nuvian Vendove and Lugrol Hillheart appeared.

No persuasion was needed this time. Even more than the gift of the Rubin of Power convinced the offer to set up a common force to survive against the greedy envious. The very next day, all three sealed a trinity pact.


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