We have already Abra ...

but Kadabra is still missing.

Oh – yes, I’m reworking the spell system and could create the first spell so it

  • can be learned
  • can be performed (incl. cast time and cooldown)
  • is seen via a related animation
  • has an effect (show the current mana field to the caster)
  • let a character learn the related skill
  • everything depends on the current skill level (of course nonlinear)

This includes reworking the storage of learned spells, an UI for learned spells, handling of spells, related to items etc.

There is still a lot to do, especially since a single spell is like the proverbial drop water on a hot stone and there is a need for much more spells. And I’d lie to myself if I’d say, everything around spells is already almost free of errors.


There was a problem with islands. A character couldn’t reach them without any warp. There was no way to reach an island that has no stationary portal. So I extended the waterproof ability. Character with excellent or good abilities can swim, albeit very slow and with a huge stamina consumption. If a character can swim over it can create the target of a teleportation for a group onto the island.


Sad to say that my cancer is developing better than Anega. I need more painkillers again without the pain being completely gone. And it take me much more time to do the garden and household. This means that I can only work on Anega effectively for 2-3 hours a day so it’s quite slow.

Minor extensions

  • The nonlinear function collection got some more functions to simplify the usage.
  • Some more UI’s got tooltips.


What Comes Next?

A little bit Kadabra