Roads are fast

for some character and some character are hydrophobic or love water. To maintain this behavior it was necessary to build a NavMesh out of multiple overlaying terrains. To have not always 4 or more terrains in a distance of about 20cm to each other, I had to generate the overlaying terrains by code and remove them, once a NavMesh was created.

And since the NavMesh influences the path finding only, it was necessary to apply the speed to the NavMesh as well.

And I had to introduce Roadrunner and Waterproof into the abilities.

There were no more changes since I used to have a vacation for a week the first time for 8 month.

Minor extensions

There were a lot of bit mask operations necessary. So I build a set of basic bit operations since I’m lost in code like return mask & ~(1 << bit). I’m sure you can say easy what this means, I’m not and so I had to encapsulate it.

A player as well as a GM can now change the abilities. It is currently unlimited but need a limiter (play time) via a quest yet.

A tooltip was added to the ability and attribute list with the same text as in the character creation.

What Comes Next?

Somehow I have to find a way to perform magic, so I have to work on spells.

But since I don't feel motivated with much more painkiller and drastically reduced lung capacity, we will see, what I'm able to do.

Code snippet solution:

    /// <summary>
    /// Set bit in mask to 0
    /// </summary>
    public static int RemoveBit(int mask, int bit)
    {        return mask & ~(1 << bit);    }