The quick brown fox …

jumps over the lazy dog.

Do you remember that text? The German version is ‘Franz jagt im komplett verwahrlosten Taxi quer durch Bayern‘. It contains all major letters of the alphabet. But what has it to do with this game?

Well, I used the text to document how much text fits to a book page.

Yes, since I wanted to create parchment a character can buy to build something like a signpost I thought I should build a book / parchment with any text first. The construction certificate will be deducted from this later. And so we have books available now. The first became the story of Comunculus immediately followed by The Singing Well, I did years ago for another game. And there are more fairy tales written down by the Calida Sisters already.

Minor extensions

Where Am I?

  • The detection of the current position was moved to prepared area information. Now the displayed name can be different from the program name of an area. Therefor the system is ready to use user created names.

Something Written

  • There were some trigger items necessary, so I designed different parchments and pells.

Make a book readable

  • It would be a lot of work designing the pages for books without a proper tool. So I made this tool.

Minor fixes:

  • LookAt issue if both positions are identically. => look in jump direction
  • Sending character information to clients where character doesn’t exist (character selection). => deactivate
  • See unused areas hovering in the air. => Hide areas in client only.
  • Dislocated elements (visible model not at element position) => move position to visible model
  • Tooltip has fix position; often behind mouse => tooltip attached to mouse below

What Comes Next?

  • Different walking speed on different ground
  • Examine ambient mana and whether one can build anything at a given location
  • Place a signpost