Go Shopping and Going Under

Really, I was able to do more than one point from my list of possibilities.


There is now a small market with some tents and trade musters. There are also 4 traders who pull the money out of people's pockets.

It was necessary to create some furniture and display some item samples.

Feel free to get the name references and the items the trader buy and sell:

  • Eliza Flowers (female elf)
  • Tim Beer (male dwarf)
  • Lilo Stitch (female orc)
  • Oliver Hammerfall (male humans)
My First Dungeon

There is now a first mine (Mine01). The player will find a name later.

One can find there the basics (coal and iron) there. The yield is rather mediocre.

It was necessary to create an entrance and a number of different veins. Since it is the first time the character can’t see the sky, I had to take care it’s always dark even at day depending on the characters night vision.

Castle on the Rocks

I searched and found some appealing rocks and applied them to castle rock. Once this rock was designed, it was possible to build a makeshift castle. We will see, what player change it into if the game one day may become alive.

Raise the Flag

Sometimes it is amazing how long it takes to solve a seemingly simple problem. On the other hand, there are apparently complicated cases that you fear for a long time and solve on the fly. Flags were one of the second cases.

Just after 2 days (learning, modeling, integrating) I already had two waving flags. I decorated the castle with it and the seamstress shows the flag too. In principle, any designs are now conceivable.


 Minor fixes:

The character looks after a teleport in the correct direction.

 What Comes Next?

 There is a time to go forward and a time to consolidate. I'll now consolidate the reached points.

  • Apply walking speed for water, road and rock
  • Let's grow some vegetation on rock surface and not on the terrain below
  • Character shall be able to build signposts and flags
  • Fine design of surface


Here is the solution for the name riddle:

  • Eliza Flowers: My Fair Lady – Herbs, fruits and vegetables
  • Tim Beer: “Timber!” – Raw material such as logs, branches and ore
  • Lilo Stitch: Lilo and Stitch - Clothing
  • Oliver Hammerfall - Guitarist of the band Hammerfall - Tools