More Ways to Kill

And now we have a number of more or less blunt weapons. Seriously, would you call a spiked club blunt? In my opinion, such a spike is not really blunt.

At least we have blunt (clubs and maces), hacking (swords) and stabbing (dagger) weapons now. More are welcome (axes, rapier, war hammer, pikes), but that might be something for the people coming after me.

Blunt Weapons
Wands, the second

Now I don’t have wands only, these items have an effect as well. They influence the total amount of mana available as well as the mana regeneration rate depending on your current skill in a magic school.

This can lead to interesting settings. There is a wand for noobs only, what doubles the total mana and halves the mana regeneration as long as you are a total noob and hold it for more than 3 minutes in hand. Once you learned a little bit it reduced mana and mana regeneration down to nothing. This may help characters with very little magic attributes to collect some mana needed for multiple teleports in a row.

AoE (Area of effect)

There are now

  • Group healings
  • Group damage and stun and
  • Group teleports.

Each can be applied to yourself and/or player and/or monster. The new magic possibilities are almost endless and even most stupid. Imagine, you could build a spell that stun yourself only.

EoT (Effect over Time)

I examined the existing buff system already, understand and changed it a little bit. Even if some parts are already working the way I want, there is still some work to be done.

Minor extensions:

  • Build a generic function for local effects.
  • The position selection by mouse has a third range, too close. It is used to show if you are in range of an AoE spell.

Minor fixes:

The sliders for mana and health did not take adapted max values into consideration.

What Comes Next?



As you have probably noticed, the number of typographical errors has increased recently.
I'm sorry, but due to my cancer also means that I can read text much worse. Which of course doesn't have a particularly good impact on the code. Here, too, I struggle with typing errors.