The core development started about 3 weeks ago.

I chose the Unity asset uMMORPG as basis. This is being reworked on a large scale. Very helpful is that at any time a working game for testing is available.

The following systems has been implemented yet:

Character movement and camera

The player can place the camera whereat any position. It will follow the character in a 3rd person view or from a dedicated direction.


The character can speak differently loud. (whisper, normal, loud, scream) The voice carries different distances. How far can be adjusted in the abilities.

In addition, emotions such as "y laughs" are possible.

Out of character (ooc) can be marked separately.

The player can define the displayed colors and markers himself.

Minimap and Compass

The minimap includes a map, a compass and a clock. How exactly the display of each component is can be controlled via abilities.

For example, the clock may show the exact time, an approximate time, or even day or night.

Character Selection


Character Creation

It includes:

  • Names
  • Apperance
  • Attributes
  • Abilities
  • Start equipment
  • Special start items

A lot has been achieved already, a lot more has to be done. The very next steps will be a data base rework (ID instead of names), implementation of all attributes, respawn settings, play time calulation and eventually switch to the prepared map.


Main Map - Basics Created

The last two weeks I build the main map. It’s a 2x2 km section. What I got is not perfect and will need a lot of detail work

Most of the time was occupied by basic research of proper use of Unity features.

Main land map
Map of the main land

Terrain Leveling

The first three attempts in terrain leveling were discarded. It was simply impossible to create a huge plausible terrain by raising and lowering the terrain. It ended always with incredible high peaks and low depressions.

The solution was to outline the wanted contour by setting defined heights. That leads to a contour map what was softened later.

Detail Work

The small mountain near the main river bay was used to test detail work. Here the mountain contains a number of small paths and platforms were created.

It seems there is a need to create some more helper tools especially to build proper paths and avoid dead corners where a chare can be stuck.

Fill Water into the River

The second tricky issues are rivers in a sloping terrain. Using the default water is not possible since it works on flat water only. But the rivers and creeks will pass a number of different steps.

As a solution a function was developed. First the map designer defines the water level with contour lines (blue-red). Out of this contour lines a mesh is created using Blender. This mesh can be applied to water prefabs instead of the standard flat water plane.