The Endless War

For countless years’ war has been overshadowing the world. Not that this world was particularly peaceful, but the years of suffering and misery exceed what is reported in bloodthirsty stories about the ancient times.

It all started when Rogthor Girel died. The ashes of his stake had not yet cooled as his empire, built over the years, fell apart and sank into chaos.

World-wide slaughter began when Girel's obsidian of power fell into the hands of an already forgotten warlord. In trying to gain another gem of power, both owners of the gems fell. The story repeated countless times. New kingdoms rise and fell in fast succession.

At least one of the six gems of power was always vacant, and smaller or larger groups of soldiers of fortune roamed the lands. Even a rumor was enough and armies devastated the area in which supposedly the gem is supposed to be. Hunger and misery prevailed, villages and hamlets were desolate. The walls of the cities could not resist the raging hordes of monsters.

Eventually, war was waged to wage war.


A New AgeWar and Peace